Doctor Strange (2016) 3D 1080p BRRip 6CH 2.1GB

Storyline: A former neurosurgeon embarks on a journey of healing only to be drawn into the world of the mystic arts.

Doctor Strange (2016) on IMDb

Movie Title: Doctor Strange (2016)
Director: Scott Derrickson
Stars: Benedict Cumberbatch, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Rachel McAdams
Release Date: 4 November 2016 (USA)
Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Format: MatRoska (Mkv)
File Size: 2.1GB
Resolution: 1920x1016
Runtime: 01:54:58
Language: English
Subtitles: English
Encoder: MkvCage (MC) Team
Source: 3D.1080p.BluRay.x264-SPRiNTER

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  1. please MAQ ,upload remux version
    1. Doctor.Strange.2016.1080p.BluRay.AVC.DTS-HD.MA.7.1-FGT
    2. Doctor.Strange.2016.1080p.BluRay.REMUX.AVC.DTS-HD.MA.7.1-FGT

    • I hope for a remux under 3.3gig that’s the largest file type I can download ? unlimited data on my phone but only so much space ?

      • If you have an android phone you can buy a larger sd card for it. I have a 64gb sd card in my android phone and i download tonnes of movies using my phone. That way you can just download 24/7 hehe. I use uTorrent on my phone, queue up a download list of about 20 movies (that have seeders), and then just let it download overnight. Wake up the next morning and copy them over to my pc, check them for errors, then copy them over to my portable drive. I don’t like to keep my pc or laptop running overnight, so downloading via android phone really works for me. I still prefer my pc, but for downloading movies in bulk, i just use my phone. If you have an iPhone… throw it in the bin and get an android phone. lol.

        • Hey THEDUDE jus askin, is it bad for the laptop to keep it running overnight?..im guessing bad for the battery power maybe..?

        • Its not really a bad thing, i just don’t like to leave my laptop running overnight because they can overheat, which can cause hardware problems or even failure. If you must leave a laptop running overnight always have it plugged in obviously. Some laptops will even allow you to remove the battery and still be able to run it directly from the power source without the battery connected. Doing that will help your overall battery life. My pc can handle running overnight because i have good ventilation and a heat sink the size of a car engine in it lol, not really but it is very large. But even with that i still don’t keep it running overnight. Its just more of a “better safe than sorry” type of thing for me. But i would never leave a laptop running overnight though, because if it catches fire and burns your house down, how you gonna download movies anymore lol.

        • Haha xD you have a good sense of humour pal >.< the part since the heat sink xD Thanks for the advice.. i'll try my best to switch off my laptop more often from now on xP i normally switch it of only every 2 weeks..(20-21 days to be more precise xD) 😀 i can notcie that the battery life is already draining xP

        • Yeah! Yeah! Man i’m using just my android device to download movies. You right iphone can suck a dick. I had a gifted iphone 5. I regifted it to my big brother lol. 😀 i can’t belive that why most people worship to iphones. What do you think DUDE?

        • I think iPhones are for teenagers and Android phones are for adults.lol. iPhones are only good if they are jailbroken. I stopped buying iPhones after 4S. But I do still use it for watching ufc events. Its jailbroken and I have an edited/hacked version of the ufc app. I watch every live ppv event for free. I connect it straight to my tv via hdmi. Its awesome… because its free, mwahaha.
          But yeah, i still prefer Android these days. Shits just easier with Android imo. ?

        • I think iPhones are for teenagers and Android phones are for adults. ???
          I have an edited/hacked version of the ufc app. ?????
          yeah! bro you right, i mean just look carefully, your city or whatever place most of POSH girls & ladies using fucking iPhones show their arrogance big ass. 😀 not a joke really! i have evidence to prove if need. also iphones just a fancy device for fashion girls i think lol. i’m not blaming here to Mr. jobs. hes is amazing guy in tech world. but his amazing device really not amazing though as he said lol. yeah! any android pieces really fucking great for any shits black market works. i love black market though lol. 😉 😀

          # cheers..! ???

    • Nope as with all 3D you lose approx half pixels due to the way the image is shown..
      ie: 2 images per frame

      • Scratch that …
        Active 3D tv shows a full 1080 but at a lower FPS (24 I think?)
        Passive 3D tv shows 2 images at the same time, so more like 540..
        I`ve prob got it wrong.
        All I can say is that on my friends 4K, passive 3D, LG tv the images are pin sharp,
        Thats a 4K tv mind so has almost TWICE the resolution than 1080 etc with excellent image processing electronics..
        Jammy sod 🙁

        • Hey ANONY MOUSE, how can one know which is an active 3D TV and which is a passive 3D one?
          and btw both has its own flaws..

        • @ ERIC WILSON
          Active and Passive are fundamentaly different.
          Active you need to use electronic glasses that blank each eye alternately in sync with TV via infra-red etc..
          Passive are more like polarized glasses you get in cinemas each eye seeing a dif polarized image.
          Passive have caught up and prob passed active.
          Active glasses are not cheap, passive cheap as chips. If you got 4 folks wanting to watch 3D then Active=£200+ for 3 more glasses, Passive=£15+ !!
          Actives tends to give users headaches/eye strain due to the flashing images.
          Your eye can see them but your brain combines both so you dont notice but this can cause headache/eye strain..
          Active you see a FULL 1080 image alternating eyes. Lower FPS
          Passive is more like half that BUT with 4K tvs this “seems” to me at least still gives a pin sharp image.. (TVs electronics play a BIG part in this and thats mainly what your paying for with better 4K)
          I say 4K has twice the res but it has 4 times the pixels but is twice as wide and twice as high so I say twice..
          If I were getting new tv I wouldnt bother with HD but go for a good 4K..

        • umm.. i know about the polarized glasses n shit..
          ok anyways thanks for your reply xD

      • I`ve had to force my gob even wider to stick my other foot in it 🙁
        This is a Side By Side video so def has half the horizontal pixels vs 1080.

  2. Damn wtf MAQ i can’t believe my eyes!! you actually listened to me on my request on the HC post of this movie! damn i really don’t know how to thank you much, i like freakn virtually love you haha xD xD Youre the best MAQ! i never expected this and that too such a really quick encode and upload,it was out only this morning..you must be having a beast of a computer system or a really great team to be encoding and posting this along with all the other encodes/posts. Even YTS hasn’t posted a 3D version yet!! Hope this will make youre name and website even more known to people.. You rock,Keep up the amazing work \m/

    • **I’m guessing this be the first 3D upload jus like i said =D

      i guess you’ll have to put up a new category on your categories list “3D” 😀
      \m/ \m/

    • @Eric.
      I had a feeling this would show up within a week, then boom, the very next day it shows up lol. Gotta love those pirates out there hehe. Also, Maq is one of a kind. No one else is like him, he actually listens to people and considers what we have to say. Most uploaders do not care at all what people have to say. I wish i could meet Maq in real life and shake his hand and shout him a beer or two, or ten lol.

      • THEDUDE ikr! i was just wondering about the 3D version the day before this was posted and remember i even asked you when the 3D will be out and boom the very next day it shows up HERE!! 😀 😀 MAQ is freakn awesome dude..!! \m/ =D 😀

        • ** BTW YTS still hasn’t posted a 3D yet! (which he usually does) or probly he’s waiting for a better source or smtn idk.. xD

        • I was on yts the other day having a browse. I noticed Arrival (2016) has over 1.4 million downloads. That’s just insane, yts don’t even use 6ch audio! Such a cult following with yts. Their website has a lot to do with that though.
          Mkvcage deserve millions of downloads!!

        • i visit yts every 3-4 days.. just for the sake of it..to see whats going on lol.. n yea sometimes for movies that i can’t find on mkvcage or anywhere else..

        • “Such a cult following with yts. Their website has a lot to do with that though.”

          Haha even i feel that.. i guess its cuz of Yify’s reputation built up over the past few years.. and also each n every single fkn torrent file of theirs will have seeds i have no fkn idea how and that too with the maximum speed available even if its only 1 seeder connected! i don’t know how they manage that..
          but after 2014 quality wise it has got shittier though..and i slowly stopped downloading YIFY stuff lelz >.<

    • Yes yes, ikr.. even i’m hoping the same..some movies like Moana,Kubo and the two strings,X-men Apocalypse,Star Trek,Star Wars Force Awakens,are pretty enjoyable in 3D and even Suicide squad!(even though it aint that great, in 3D its a definite visual treat and trippy af!) but i aint hoping for much and not gonna ask/trouble MAQ much again xD Thanks again though MAQ for all your hardwork and sincerity towards fans!

  3. I think this source would be better for 3d (hou) – https://rarbg.to/torrent/wbj6qza
    But I don’t think Maq will do another 3d encode of this movie. I just want that fgt source to try and convert it to 2d. Over under 3d might be better to do that with rather than side by side 3d. Damn. Oh well not to worry.

    • Btw the fgt hou source has proper dimensions – 1920×1080
      Would be good if you could do another encode using the hou source. lol, this movie is probably driving Maq crazy, so many versions.

    • Oh man, even the fgt sbs source has proper 1920×1080 dimensions.
      A new 3d encode please Maq, using the hou source though.

      • Yes.. even i think the HOU one.. but i don’t this MAQ will do another 3D encode,let alone download 20gigs n encode of yet another 3D version lol

    • What the hell? and there is this full 3d version too – https://rarbg.to/torrent/sz6ypxh
      The screenshots look like a normal 2d version? I just want a normal 2d imax version. They should of just made a retail imax bluray, how stupid.
      Whatever with this movie I’m done with it, I only like the trippy scenes anyway.
      Cheers Maq.

      • oh yea What IS That?!? and why is it 40gigs?

        same here..the trippy parts is the main reason i’m taking especially this movie in 3D =D =D

      • lol yeah I know. I guess it’s just up to Maq now and what he wants to do. Bloody sprinter source screwed things up damn it. We’ll just have to wait and see over the next few days what Maq does. All good though either way.

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