Doctor Strange (2016) IMAX 1080p BluRay 6CH AC3 2.8GB

Storyline: A former neurosurgeon embarks on a journey of healing only to be drawn into the world of the mystic arts.

Doctor Strange (2016) on IMDb

Movie Title: Doctor Strange (2016)
Director: Scott Derrickson
Stars: Benedict Cumberbatch, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Rachel McAdams
Release Date: 4 November 2016 (USA)
Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Format: MatRoska (Mkv)
File Size: 2.8GB
Resolution: 1920x1080
Runtime: 01:54:58
Language: English
Subtitles: English
Encoder: MkvCage (MC) Team
Source: 2D/3D.IMAX.1080p.BluRay.REMUX-HDC

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  1. Thank you
    I’ve downloaded 6 versions of this now Inc DVD scnr ? definitely getting this one and deleting last encode ?


    Quickest and best encoder to ever exist on this planet!
    Thank you so much for this!
    Looks like i will be watching this again hehe.

    Maq you should really consider adding a ‘Donate’ button/section to your site.
    I would Donate to you right now, and so would many other people out there.

    Much love to you Maq.
    CHEERS !!!
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      • Maq would have already known about that source.
        He is a freak, and i want his computer setup. lol

        • And what is the source mean? 2D/3D which means rip made by using 3D source? Or maq converted it 3d into 2d before start encode task? No i could be worng.

    • yes, i think the same, you should add a button or some way people can donate. I would danate without doubt.

    • I have a little bit memory FZN was gave a link for donate thing. Not sure. Its only little bit memory.

    • Why iMAX edition little bit foggy than previous remux rip? Previous remux rip bended to dark side and this one bended to white side. I think. Just saying lol. πŸ™‚

      • Yeah I noticed that too, and not quite as sharp as the regular version. Might have to get a higher bit rate for this one.

      • I think MAQ is trying to keep file size under 3GB as some folks groan if over..
        The Bluray and this Imax are same size so MUST be at a lower bitrate πŸ™

        Please MAQ use x265 for these type of release and dun worry about file size those folks can use NTFS or eXFat. I mean FAT32 is so old now..

        • I understand compressing an already highly compressed file is pretty much pointless.
          I mean your Bluray demux direct from source etc..

  3. MAQ could you please update the 3D version too from a better source when you get the time? ?
    I’m in no hurry.. but at least by the end of march ? Please..
    Thanks a lot for this 2D IMAX version..really appreciate your hardwork \m/

    • Looking at that Upcoming Posts section, I’m guessing he’s not going to do the 720p. And I was the one who requested it in the first place. Seems like he only listens to that “THEDUDE” guy. I’m gonna have to get it from somewhere else.

  4. Arrival (2016) EXTRAS are out….. Please do the encode…. :). Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

  5. Please Upload the Plain Doctor Strange IMAX 1080p 6CH without the AC3 encode, the file is to big MAQ. Thanks in Advance! ? MkvCage team is the best!

  6. So, this is better than Prevuous 2.8 GB version. Like Civil War IMAX, no bars in few scenes etc, but video and Audio quality is same?

    • Thats i said regular remux rip have warm colors than this. I love warm colors though. Lol. πŸ˜›

    • @THEDUDE Thanks for screenshots. I`m suprised how much more of the film you see in Imax.
      I like the blackbars (sometimes) it gives a “cinema” effect I think.
      Tho` on my old projector the Imax is REALLY nice..

      • I wish every movie was in imax. Yeah the black bars give a wider angle, but you loose inches off your tv screen. I will never forget watching The Hateful Eight, was like watching just a strip of video across the screen. Still a great movie though imo.

        • Unless movies makers need to make thair movies with fully wide screen format. Then no more shit. whole movie is fully full screen. Like AVENGERS (2012) AVATAR (2009) CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY (2005) etc. Those all movies are full length Wide format. Hard to find out which scences are really iMAX. If thair have iMAX scene lol. πŸ˜€

  7. So they also released a 2D IMAX BluRay for this movie? I thought you could only get the IMAX scenes from the 3D BluRay. Did the studio finally get it together this time? A lot of scenes from the 3D IMAX BluRays are always missing information on the left side and I hate that.

  8. MAQ this Encode is too big for some, Please upload the plain IMAX 6CH 1080p, without the AC3 with different source they said this one is a little bit foggy tho, Please MAQ upload a different one, They’re also waiting for the 720p version ?

      • Not sure what program Maq uses for his screenshots, he did say in a comment one time but i can’t remember what post it was on. I just view a movie in full screen and press Shift+Print Screen, then paste image into Paint lol.
        There are many different screenshot maker programs out there. GIYF.

    • Haha Daamn i can’t believe there’s an upcoming post section! πŸ˜€ But why only two upcoming posts.. well its a start.. Great stuff MAQ! \m/

      • Yeah i think that will vary each day just depending on what is available, what has been downloaded, and what is waiting to be encoded. Not too sure how Maq decides what titles go in the list. I’m sure it will increase as time goes on. But like you said, its a start. I love it already even with 2 or 3 titles.

  9. Well I already download the 2.8GB REMUX FGT Version
    Can anyone tell me which scene have IMAX without black bar

  10. Please someone encode the plain IMAX 6CH 1080p, without the AC3 with different source they said this one is a little bit foggy and the 720p IMAX version for the others please, not all of us have high end devices please understand, i’m not in a hurry tho but because the uploaders might forget this request, mkvcage is our only source that we can interact with the uploaders, Please please please someone help us. We respect you guys ?

  11. Why does the aspect ratio keep changing? I mean i know its the IMAX version so in some scenes there’s a full 1980x1080p but in many scenes there’s a weird aspect ratio and it keeps changing.

  12. Please…fix this link…torrents not working…this is the only source i found for the IMAX version of Doctor Strange…i appreciate it if you could reup the links especially for torrent…thanks…

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