The Family Fang (2015) 720p BRRip 950MB

Storyline: A brother and sister return to their family home in search of their world famous parents who have disappeared.

The Family Fang (2015) on IMDb

Movie Title: The Family Fang (2015)
Director: Jason Bateman
Stars: Jason Bateman, Nicole Kidman, Kathryn Hahn
Release Date: 06.05.2016
Genres: Drama
Format: MatRoska (Mkv)
File Size: 950MB
Resolution: 1280x536
Runtime: 01:46:28
Language: English
Subtitles: English
Encoder: MkvCage (MC) Team
Source: LiMiTED.1080p.BluRay.x264-VETO

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  1. I was hoping you would do this movie, but the days of saying thanks before actually downloading the movie are long gone now 🙁
    I will say thanks after i have watched the movie, or at least downloaded and thoroughly checked it. Damn shame all this.

    • Hey if you dont like or trust in MKVCage work the door its open. Just go and download from another web!

        • Who is noob????? me downloading movies here almost for 2 years! maybe you are a noob. If you dont like MKVCage anymore as i told you before, stop complaining and better go to other webs! its very simple!

        • I dont like mkvcage… I fucking LOVE mkvcage! maybe a little too much actually hehe. I just dont want the level of quality to drop and then mkvcage turn into some crappy low rate release group that no one downloads from. I’ve seen it happen before to encoders and groups. Maq’s video quality for size is literally the best out there, but when glitches/stuttering starts to happen more and more frequently, then it becomes about reliability. If people dont feel like they can rely on mkvcage encodes anymore, what do you think the outcome for mkvcage will eventually be. They wont get people visiting their site as much, then their ad revenue will start to decrease, then there is no money to be able to support the site, ..then they are gone forever. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT TO HAPPEN?! Because i definitely do not want that to ever happen. Maq is a legend, and always will be no matter what, but i have every right to point out encoding issues, and so do all the other mkvcage users out there who value quality.

        • can you from now on mention movies with glitches/stuttering, as far as I know never encountered any glitches/stuttering to date. only 2 movies had slow pictures, (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo : but every encoder I checked had the same problem ) the other :Pitch Perfect, was only here. I checked elsewhere it was fine.

  2. Hey THEDUDE why don’t you start up your own encode website then.
    You want get a life if your going to watch every movie and “thoroughly check” here first before saying thanks.
    It all for FREE. Nobody holding a gun to your head to download.
    No shame MAQ. Ye are doing a marvellous job. Thanks.

    • Lets see if you have that same attitude after you download more than 10 movies in one month that all have encoding issues. Move along buddy.

      • You admin or something? Your one moaning about encodes not me.your one who needs to move along and I ain’t your buddy.so go to other encoders .I downloaded load >10 monthly and no issues.and if they are maq fix’s them immediately

      • Maq’s webdls are only suck. Brrips like heaven lol. 😀
        Im done with download webdls. Im only with brrips and bluray and soms webrips. Due to maqs webdl are so shit. Shutter shit. But that doesnt prove anything we hate mkvcage. I know about dude. Hes big long time fan of mkvcage. Maq just like our big brother. So piss off mans. You guys dont know who we are. Dude,me, greatful we all are love mc team.

        • Lol ur pathetic.You live under a rock if ye think ye are only ppl here.of course br rips are better quality.your just stating obvious. Maq just works with best his got at the time.you like think you know all about encoding then you are more pathetic than I thought.

      • @Darren. ?

        @Ken. I have movies downloading almost 24 hours a day, and not just from mkvcage. I have hundreds of mkvcage encodes. I’m saying that there has been at least 10 movies posted in the past month that have had issues, and he doesn’t always fix them either.
        Also, here in Australia when we say to someone “move along buddy” its really just a politer way that we say “fuk off idiot”

        • Me only download BRIP not WEBDL and me download at leat 15 movies in a month! me not NOOB here!! you just complain all time and the worst thing is you think you are some kind of “VIP” user here but you are NOTHING!!

        • And me too, me download from other sites too, not just MKVCAGE. Me also know how to encode and many other things like working with subtitules etc. If you think you are the only genius here you are VERY WRONG!
          ”MOVE ALONG BUDDY”

        • “VIP User” Why? because i tell shit how it is and i keep shit real. Without comments and feedback how do think there can be any improvement. And i certainly don’t think i’m the only one here who knows their shit. Obviously there are many other too, just not you. Oh and congrats on being able to work with subtitles etc. Now you sir, are the real genius here. lmao!

  3. Lol u need to go to anger management classes buddy.getting upset over few movies.ur pathetic and ur Darren fuck buddy.wasted enough time responding to ungrateful Freeloaders like you.get a life.try going outside instead of watching movies

    • when i see your fucking suck comments, i’m laughing not in the mouth, yeah! its sure laughing my ass off just try to think wtf i’m said and wtf you replied, dumbass.

    • Who says I watch them?lol. Its called a collection. And its more than a “few” movies, that’s the whole point!
      Like I said,.. Move along buddy.

    • by the way why do you using pathetic word for your every suck comments. ok! i knew right now..! ken got a pathetic life lol. ?????

    • you like think you know all about encoding
      i don’t know all about encoding, dumb! i know was webdls are anyway fine. because i had most of old mkvcage webdl rips. all of them COOL. but the shit thing began most recent idiot. you know about SHUTTER SHIT! ken? no! i dont you FUCK DAREN!
      ok fine ken! never mind i’ll teach you..! FUCCCCCCK OFFF KEN!?????

        • lol you pair should build a bridge and then get married. Ye think ye are the only ones here and ye know it all. Seriously, take a step back and get a fucking life. I would ask how old ye are but ye probably cant even count that high judging from your intellects.

        • DUDE and me not the gay like you GAY BOY!
          Ken aka dick sucker gay guy!

        • are you serious with that reply… seriously kids. your intellect is far too amateur for me to even bother responding to your school ground name calling tactics. Ye live in a fucking bubble.

  4. Lol… you are both pathetic bum chums. Build a fucking bridge and quit moaning about quality of encodes. They are “Encodes” . if you want quality fuck off here and get your moms to buy you original blu-rays. Morons

    • Do you even realise what you just said Ken you dumbshit.
      “if you want quality fuck off here” …so what you’re saying is, mkvcage are not quality encodes?! and i wouldn’t buy real blurays even if i was a millionaire, i prefer a single movie file that is portable and more convenient. You can fit thousands of movies on a portable hard drive, what are supposed to do with thousands of bluray discs lol. Discs are so out of date, much like yourself. Go suck on your mums dick.

      • lol your seriously need to go to those angry management classes. your the one moaning about quality Not me. BR contain 25GB per layer and you expect to download a single 1gb 720p file and still expect 100% quality. You fucking moron.Your only jealous cos your mom failed trying to abort you now she left with a retarded son.

        • But its stiil can watchable. Even 1gb. We are taking about mkvcage rips quality are always great and top compare with others group quality. However we knows 25GB quality never same as 1GB quality dumbshit! Anyone know even prog kids lol.

        • I know StutterShit is crap but not all sources are StutterShit. I just choose not to download those….simple. you need to build that bridge and marry TheDude….or get out more

        • come to russia. sure like you high ass people put in down before left 5 min. yes! sniper attack.???

        • Lol your such a sad fuck. your an embarrassment to Russian people. Thinking your it, oh look at me and thedude and grateful bla bla bla. Your full of shit cock sucker. Nobody here cares about you and what you think about mkvcage movie quality.

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        • LOL sticks and stones Darren.
          You not admin here so fuck off and go build that bridge.
          Even Google Translate couldn’t save you loser.

        • yeah! google translate can suck a dick! fuck off man. do you think GT knows everything? never bro! it’s just a kidsy part of IT world.
          i’m so happy to hear that bro! now i knew GT is not a damn cook.

        • If you weren’t such a sad retard, I would almost feel sorry for you.

  5. don’t worry about what thedude has to say guys…i agree with him that there have been a few encode errors recently on here but i think that’s due to rushing it more than anything else and 99% get fixed. the encoder(s) probably also have a ‘life’ outside all this too and probably haven’t got time to check through everything all the time. remember too that thedude is an australian and their mindset is about 2 decades behind everyone else 😉

    • LOL ya I ain’t worried. They are just dumb fucks who think they own this site. They think they are contributing. If they are not happy with quality then they should both fuck off to some other site and quit moaning about free movies.

  6. I’ve given this site many months but given up. Too amateurish. Constant broken links but worse is the corrupted files; out of sync. no audio and so on. With AXXO. YIFY etc that did not happen as they were professionals. Off to . Bye para siempre.

    • lol fucking amateur if you call YIFY professional. Small size yes, quality NOOOO !!!!
      Go help The so called dude and Darren loverboy build that bridge.
      Close the door on the way out FUCKTARDS !!

      • yeah! door is already open sucker! you can move along from here. if you need. but never we do okay? i never seen like you piece of shit! damn to it. shit ass. ????

      • Fuck you too asshole – at least YIFY was in sync and had some audio. The popularity of these torrents is reflected in the low number of seeders, often under 10.

        • LOL whatever you tossers. ye so retarded. YIFY is long gone. What ye doing here so FUCKTARDS if quality here is shit.. FUCK OFF and go download elsewhere and quit bitching here. Build that bridge and get over it.

        • Although yify was long gone. Thair amazing torrents still active sucker! Fuck dumbass. Nothing no about what FRED was said. You are not the admin here. You dont know even what is the mkvcage always barking and try to piss off with other fans. Thts you do. You are fucking FAKE fan hehe.
          #GAY KEN.

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