Horns (2013) 720p BRRip 1GB

Storyline: In the aftermath of his girlfriend's mysterious death, a young man awakens to find strange horns sprouting from his temples.

Horns (2013) on IMDb

Movie Title: Horns (2013)
Director: Alexandre Aja
Stars: Daniel Radcliffe, Max Minghella, Joe Anderson, Juno Temple
Release Date: 03 Oct 2014
Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Format: MatRoska (Mkv)
File Size: 1GB
Resolution: 1280x536
Runtime: 01:59:48
Language: English
Subtitles: English [Softcoded] - Muxed
Encoder: MkvCage (MC) Team
Source: 720p.BluRay.X264-AMIABLE

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  1. Hi Guys, my PC did freeze after the download of this movie, also the “another earth” movie, hence after I clicked to open the files my pc starts to slow down, when i deleted both files, pc back to normal after 15 minutes of restart, yes that long, usually it is less than 10 seconds, i think lately you have some Ads that sucks, sorry to say that, so be careful, viruses or malware around also.
    but still thanks for everything!

    • Mike,FYI, I have downloaded both rips to my PC.Both working fine,no issue whatsoever. BTW,which host you used to download?

  2. I just noticed that I can not even download this moive as a torrent, there are no seeds but peers, all on Zero, that tells you something…right???

  3. Hi MAQ, I used 180upload, I will try clicknupload now, see how I go, will let you know, thanks

  4. MAQ,FYI, I like to add and say, that when you have it on ur PC, it is fine, it is when you run it (play it), it comes across a spot in the movie and it freezes, its hard to explain, it is not the whole movie, i suspect it is to do with the encoding, I run all my movies this way to make sure they are OK, however, lets see what will happen. thanks

  5. I have deleted it, sorry, can not recall., I like to see how it will be after this download. lets wait and see, if it is good then fine, if not then will worry about it. I could have picked up a bug while downloading, that is all I will be thinking of.

  6. HI MAQ, downloaded Ok, used clicknupload, Played ok, will have to do the last test, copying the file to external HardDrive, if that works then all is fine, will let you know later.

  7. Hi MAQ, copy was fine also, sorry to trouble you, could have been an issue from that Host on that time, hope it is fine now, can you please re-able 180upload host, will try it next time see how it goes?! Thanks.

  8. No MAQ, just one of the new Movies with 180upload will be fine, don’t want to experience a frozen PC again, hehehe, well I hope it is only a bug somewhere from the internet, but why both your files i dont know, I had other files from other places, they were fine, mystery to me, so lets try one of the new movies with 180upload see how it goes, for now it is disabled…right? thanks for being the best…

    • yeah,I will upload to 180uploads. If same error then we will stop uploading at 180uploads. I have also sent mail to them. Lets see what they have to say.

  9. by the way, if you suspect it is for sure from 180upload, then please leave it disabled, But if not sure, then one new movie will be fine.

  10. can someone seed this movie please? im stuck on 99.8% on torrent, please seed guys!

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