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  1. You know that Avengers infinity war And Avengers endgame whole shooting By IMAX camera soWe want Avengers:Infinity War IMAX 1080p.And Also Avengers endgame IMAX please help us…

  2. Future Man S01 COMPLETE 720p Hulu WEB-DL 3GB link all dead can u fix it again thank you.

  3. can you please get this for me :
    la cara oculta / the hidden face
    original / untouched at best quality with the subtitles & a torrent please not a direct download.
    does not matter how big the file is.
    a torrent & not a direct download.
    my internet connection is poor so a torrent is my only option.
    if you can give me an .mp4 it will be awesome.
    many thanks in advance & god bless you.

  4. Girl (Lukas Dhont, 2018) is release today as bdrip, but quality ia awful and have some problem video codec. Can you upload it with better quality, MAQ. With English subtitles it Will be pleasure, thanks for advice.

  5. The Movie Bohemian Rhapsody , comes with a great “blu ray extra” which is the FULL version of the Live Aid Concert. The Theatrical release only has a shorted version with two of the songs in the live aid set missing. What would be great is if you guys could produce a “special edition” by which you replace the short Live Aid scene in the movie with the Fuller Extended one , taken from the Blu Ray extra No other release group has done this yet..

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