Patriots Day (2016) 720p BRRip 1.1GB

Storyline: An account of Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis's actions in the events leading up to the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and the aftermath, which includes the city-wide manhunt to find the terrorists behind it.

Patriots Day (2016) on IMDb

Movie Title: Patriots Day (2016)
Director: Peter Berg
Stars: Mark Wahlberg, Michelle Monaghan, J.K. Simmons 
Release Date: 23 February 2017 (UK)
Genres: Drama, History, Thriller 
Format: MatRoska (Mkv)
File Size: 1.1GB
Resolution: 1280x536
Runtime: 02:13:09
Language: English
Subtitles: English
Encoder: MkvCage (MC) Team
Source: 1080p.BluRay.x264-DRONES

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  1. So umm yeah, mkvcage is getting kinda old fast, its turning into just rarbg recommended torrents 🙁 Maq why aren’t you taking full advantage of your “direct access to scene”. Don’t you care anymore? Seems like all you care about now is just being the first uploader to post a new release (still don’t get the most seeds though). Maybe you’re all burnt out or something, or maybe you don’t want to do this job anymore. Take a little holiday break and then come back all refreshed and motivated, because this is a bit of a worry that’s for sure. Mkvcage was on the way to the top of the ladder when kickass was alive, but since then, i sometimes get the feeling it’s a bit of a struggle for mkvcage. There is no denying that something has changed over the past few weeks. I just really hope that mkvcage isn’t coming to an end that’s all. That would be a real shame.

    The “Upcoming Posts!” section, seriously Maq, you can’t even be bothered to spend an extra minute or two each day to type in a few words onto your site? lol, just get rid of it if your not gonna keep it updated every day. Common sense would be to just add the title into the section when you start the source download, or before you start the encode. Also, maybe remove the title after you have posted it lol. Or just change the title from Upcoming Posts! (why do you have an exclamation mark?) change it to something like Upcoming Requests, then that way you will only have to type in a few words each month haha. Sorry Maq, but i just tell it how i see it.

    For a release group that has direct access to scene, and the entire internet, your Upcoming Posts section (for today/tomorrow/day after/whenever) should be something like this…


    Arsenal (2017) 720p BRRip
    Why Him? (2016) 720p BRRip
    Silence (2016) 720p BRRip
    20th Century Women (2016) 720p BRRip
    Breaking Bad The Movie (2017) 720p WEB-DL
    Distance Between Dreams (2016) 720p WEB-DL
    Firestarter (1984) Remastered 720p BRRip
    Army of Darkness (1992) Remastered 720p BRRip
    The Outsiders (1983) 720p BRRip
    Thursday (1998) 720p BRRip
    You, Me and Dupree (2006) 720p BRRip
    The Getaway (1994) 720p BRRip
    Bridesmaids (2011) Extended 720p BRRip
    Unlawful Entry (1992) 720p BRRip
    Marathon Man (1976) 720p BRRip

    It’s called variety, it’s a good thing to have.
    Maybe i’m just too passionate with mkvcage.

    -rant over.

    • “Passionate” my ass. Dude, don’t kid yourself, you’re just an ungrateful, arrogant and selfish prick.

      • You must think I care what you think. No, I still don’t care, never will. Your a loser and you always will be.

        • You probably think it was me who wrote that, don’t you? It wasn’t. I put my problems with you behind me. I honestly have no idea who that was.

      • @DIRK you got off-road man. DUDE doesn’t mentioned you. it’s some guy who called WALTER. just saying. you jumped a lava-hole your self. lol.???

        • I just wanted to let him know it wasn’t me. The way he said “I still don’t care”. Since me and him had a fight on the forum a few months ago, he might have thought it was me who wrote that to him by pretending to be someone else. Ever since I came back to posting here again, it’s only been to post about the encodes.

    • This post- ⊙Cracked me up ??
      ⊙Surprised MAQ even allowed this to be posted
      ⊙”I just really hope that mkvcage isn’t coming to an end that’s all”- Damn don’t even say that yo..!??
      ⊙The upcoming posts..? most part of it looked like the list of movies that you want ???

      and the breaking bad movie yea.. ??
      pretty much a coincidence too actually.. I’m actually binge watching the breaking bad series right now lol.. Damn that’s one show one never gets fed up of… ?\m/


  3. Yeah obviously I would love all those movies, but the fact is they are just some of the most recent movies uploaded to scene etc. You can check rarbg and 2d if you don’t believe me lol. They are all from just this past week or two, and i only requested The Getaway (1994). If Maq doesn’t do a request, I just download the source and do my own encode, or just get it from someone else if I can. It’s really no big deal to me, i just prefer Maq’s encodes over mine because they are always a bit better at the same bitrates.

    Anyways, there was a time when mkvcage would post anything and everything, but it seems those days are over. The big 1080p bluray sources aren’t being used as much anymore, because 720p is usually posted first and Maq just wants to get his encodes out there before anyone else. Older movies aren’t being posted anymore, unless someone requests one. Heaps of old posts are dead with no seeders and dead links. Uptobox is the lifeline for most of mkvcage old posts and now that is having problems too, but that’s not Maq’s fault I know. I’ll be honest, the only thing that keeps me coming back to mkvcage these days is the video quality. Even the 2 channel audio is going to shit, not for all encodes but there have been a few over the past month or so with bad audio, reminds me of yify audio. So what’s the next thing to go?

    Breaking Bad is one of the best shows ever made imo. Why isn’t that on here?.. because its not a new release. The movie is a fan created movie and I already have the source, it’s not very big in size but i don’t think Maq will do that either, even though people would still download it.

    People can think what they want of me, but it still doesn’t change the facts. I really don’t care what anyone thinks of me, except Maq and that’s it. Maq can disallow or edit my comments if he wants to, he can even ban me from the site if he wants to, i wonder why he doesn’t? because there’s truth in all my comments. I’ve been downloading shit long before mkvcage hit the scene, and I’ll still be downloading shit long after too.

    • Hey Dude CTFO maan.. i was just joking.. i told all that in a funny way.. i wasn’t being serious at all..!! i got no problems with you maan.. even i wish n feel the same about mkvcage.. cuz i’ve been downloading mkvcage encodes since KAT and i know how their choices n encodes are.. True that about the old movies,True that about the dead posts and True that about Uptobox too!! uptobox used to be my only last go when nothing works.. n now even that.. :'( and Hell Yeah Breaking Bad is a good show! whoever said it isn’t?? idc if ppl are gonna say that its overrated nd whatnot..but this is the 3rd time i’m watchin it n im still lovin’ it! \m/ and also i was being funny about the MAQ allow comment thing.. thats why even used emoticons yo!
      faak.. idk why you gotta take things so hard..
      (if i was being serious or showing that i’m pissed i’ll use a smiley respectively or not even use smileys at all..!!)

      • No worries Eric, all good. Sometimes i just cant tell if your having a go at me or jokin around, even with all your smileys and symbols hehe. Believe it or not i used to joke around heaps on here, i really don’t why or when i got so serious on here and i don’t like it either. I think its time for me to stop caring about things. Its just all these damn new movies each day, i hate it there’s no variety anymore, 99% is just new releases now and most are just garbage. I think its because i’m so used to how mkvcage used to be, i guess i just gotta go with it now. Oh well, life goes on.

        • I even said at the start of that post that i cracked up on reading your post
          haha n i like what you did there.. garbage-rarbg >.< xP

        • Just to clear things up about rarbg, i don’t like their internal encodes. Internal means that they are rarbg’s own encodes of a larger source. When your on rarbg have a look at the movie torrents and you will notice that some of them will have the word ‘Internal’ at the end of the title. They are the ones i don’t like because they usually have really crap video quality, especially their 720p encodes. Some of their 1080p internal encodes are okay, but for the size they are just not worth it. Maq’s 720p encodes look better than their 1080p encodes lol. All of the other movie torrents on rarbg are fine but they can be very large in size, they are some of the sources that Maq uses for his encodes. I hope this clears things up. Cheers 🙂

        • umm.. Yes i already know that bro.. you already told this to me once don’t you remember..? This reply of yours IS ACTUALLY SUPPOSED TO BE MEANT FOR KEN..not me, i hope you fkn see this. somewhat this is what i wanted to tell him when he said “For someone who don’t like Rargb he certainly posts enough links to it from here.” i was jus too lazy n least bothered to go throught the trouble of explaining shit to him.. i mean why should i??

          and btw Thedude from rarbg’s site i usually prefer FGT and one more encoder (can’t get the name now) but thats only when MAQ doesn’t do a 1080p source.. what do you think about FGT?

        • Yeah true it was kinda meant for Ken to see, wasn’t too sure if you knew either though.

          Anyways, FGT is the king of sources and MAQ is the king of encoding those sources. hehe.

          I’m off this post now dude. Cheers.

  4. @THEDUDE – Could you *NOT* write a book about your rants? Keep it short and STFU!

      • lol Darren. No it means Shut The Fuck Up -STFU.
        and frenchy, your just a weird ass creepy person mate. Your probably a full blown pervert in real life, i’m sure you stalk many old stinking french ladies at night, and get off on it too.

        • @THEDUDE – Yes I ain’t a Frenchy but I love French (OO) 😛

          WTF happened to you mate? You used to be a cool lurking shark down-unda and now you bitching like a first timer puberty girl 🙁

          Don’t like MKVCage encodes? Just stay away and stop whining like a girl.
          Was nice knowin’ ya. Have a nice day 😛

        • Yes even i was kinda surprised at what dude said lol,,
          i actually find it funny what Mr.FRENCH-TITIES over here says like all his random comments on posts.. even his comment about Xander cage lol but Darren was right over there though.. Deepika’s tits are already sucked dry lol xD xP

      • i think Darren was being sarcastically funny xD he does that a lot lol..

  5. @THE DUDE..
    I think your comments are unfair, who knows what is going on in MAQs life ,perhaps he is growing tired of all this, if he decides to pull the pin well thats his choice.
    If things are a bit “jaded” I can understand it must be a lot of work/time, thanks for all your hard work its much appreciated.

  6. @TheDude Nodody here gives a FUCK what you think. Quit bitching here requesting your movies and sabotaging comment sections with B*S. You pay MkvCage their wages or something. Get a fucking life , a hobby , gardening or something to get out of the house.
    As for MAQ….your doing a marvellous job and thank you as always but I hold out for 1080p on this one 😉

    • Haha, more like no one gives a fuck what you think ya wanker. I requested one movie, The Getaway. and fyi, i already have all those movies except for The Getaway and Unlawful Entry. Obviously i would love to replace all of them with mkvcage encodes, but i just used those movies as an example of the type of movies that would be good to have on here other than just new releases all the time, and i’m sure there are other people who would like to have those movies too, not just me ffs!!! You understand now dumbshit?!

      -Yeah i love gardening, its my full time hobby, that’s how i pay the bills. I’m gonna go garden the fuk outta my garden right now.

  7. Your so full of bullshit. Your not even worth the effort. Go fuck your bum chum Darren.
    Both thick as fuck. Ye think ye own this site demanding movies.
    Me …. well i’m just thankful with whatever MkvCage team puts out there. You …your always bitching about something. Go fuck off to Rargb and download large sized movies instead of bitching here.

    • Again.. Says the guy who jus requested for 1080p of this movie ? ?
      and btw he never did like Rarbg’s encodes fyi..
      and why’d you have to jump on darren for this.. seriously what’s up your ass buddy? why you got an issue with everyone.. ??!

    • N btw they’re not the only ones who request for movies.. you should see a whole lotta other ppl who keep commenting on random posts requests for movies.. (N yea that includes me too no denying it) but seriously there r a whole lotta other ppl who keep requesting movies.. just because they request movies and wish to watch these movies encoded by mkvcage and also putting the reason that this is one of the only sites that kinda interact with the fans since KAT went down so yea.. doesn’t mean they think they the shit or they own the site or whatever the fuck..

      • lol watch out Eric, now he will label you as another one of my “bum chums”. Don’t even waste your time on this idiot. I think the only friend he’s ever had in life is a mirror. Oh and the gimp that he has chained up in his basement.

        • @Thedude: Haha xD you think I didn’t think of that before posting these replies to him.. I did expect him to say something like that about me as well.. but f*** I don’t give a flying f*** lol.. cuz he be f***** up and stupid like that
          Haha n that last part ???

        • Seriously. Is that best ye can do. Fucking amateur imbeciles.
          “Maybe i’m just too passionate with mkvcage”
          I had to laugh when I read that. You just grab what you can. Fuck back to Rargb.

        • i guess you haven’t read the replies to you before that and after this post too.. other than the swearing one.. guess youre one of those persons who always sees the bad in things instead of the latter..

      • I know that when MAQ post a 720 version of blockbuster movies that 1080p version is sure to follow. Saying I will wait for a movie which I know the team will release in 1080p in hardly called a “Request”. For someone who don’t like Rargb he certainly posts enough links to it from here.
        Hey, why am I even wasting my fucking time trying to explain shit to you anyways.
        Look through comment section here. I never request movies here. I’m just thankful that MkvCage even exist doing us a “FREE” service, instead fucking freeloaders here taking over comments section spilling paragraphs of utter bullshit.

        • ” Saying I will wait for a movie which I know the team will release in 1080p in hardly called a “Request” ” – Lol yea sure bro ?? ??

          as for the second pary, yea i sure do see your comments here in mkvcage time to time and you being grateful to the mkvcage team n shit n so i’d always thought of you as a nice person…until i saw this last night that kinda came as a shock to me..

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