Sausage Party (2016) 720p BluRay 850MB

Storyline: A sausage strives to discover the truth about his existence.

Sausage Party (2016) on IMDb

Movie Title: Sausage Party (2016)
Director: A sausage strives to discover the truth about his existence.
Stars: Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, Jonah Hill
Release Date: 2 September 2016 (UK)
Genres: Animation, Adventure, Comedy 
Format: MatRoska (Mkv)
File Size: 850MB
Resolution: 1280x690
Runtime: 01:28:45
Language: English
Subtitles: English [Softcoded] - Muxed
Encoder: MkvCage (MC) Team
Source: 1080p.BluRay.REMUX.AVC.DTS-HD.MA.5.1-FGT

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  1. and another different post for the same movie, this time by MAQ,
    did u catch FZN virus ?!!

    • This is a remux source mate. Should read the description more often rather than just looking at the movie poster.

  2. THEDUDE will be so happy about this. He’s been nagging you guys about this movie for days. lol

    • Wouldn’t call it nagging I just wanted a better source that’s all. Waiting for 1080p Maq. Thanks for the 720p though.
      Oh and so sorry to nag. lol.

      • Damn ikr! seriously wtfs up with The Diggler??! mocking ppl for no reason without even looking.. we’ve jus been askn for a better source.. my bad if i din know all the sources itself at that time wer bad.. if you din check out the movie yet “DARK DIGGLER” and just downloaded and kept it in your so called “collection” you should go play it n check.. it was actually dull

  3. Hey MAQ please when u release Finding Dory 1080p WEB-DL, Please use FGT Copy not EVO Copy because the AC3-5.1 audio is fake and the REAL audio from iTunes is AAC-2.0 (FGT Notes) & THANKS 4 your hard effort Bye 😉

  4. is the difference of this to the previous one is just the audio quality?
    I believe Remux has better audio quality than normal Bluray, is the video has significant difference too?


    Sausage Party (2016) 1080p BluRay
    Finding Dory (2016) 720p WEB-DL
    Finding Dory (2016) 1080p WEB-DL
    The BFG (2016) 720p WEB-DL
    The BFG (2016) 1080p WEB-DL

    • I’m sure you will already but I would use these sources:



  6. Is it possible to encode 720p x264 from x265? Sorry for my ignorance.

    I’m waiting for this:

    Michael Moore in TrumpLand 2016 1080p WEB-DL HEVC 2CH x265

    • Yeah i’m not sure about that either. Because x265 is so compressed i would think that there would be some quality loss and obviously larger file sizes, but it definitely can be done. Pretty sure handbrake can do it. I hate x265 due to compatibility. x265 was originally meant for UHD videos. I tend to think of x265 like a “made in china” product whereas x264 as a “made in japan” product. lol. I wouldn’t mind watching that Trumpland either. They will probably do an encode of it eventually.

      • As long as the x265 video bitrate is decent i dont see why it couldn’t be done without any quality loss. Will have to wait and see i guess.

        • Yeah, I’m sure there’ll be a better, more compatible source released soon.

          I ended up watching an SD version from piratebay. It was only 230MB, but it’s a concert performance so it doesn’t really matter. I will replace it with MAQ’s 720p when it’s available though.

    • Hey Grateful if you can’t wait like me then here are some x264 copies of Trumpland but they are over 2gb. Not sure if you have data limits, if you do, get unlimited dude it’s a lot cheaper now these days.


      I hope mkvcage don’t mind me doing that. Maq if you do mind, just disallow this comment i can understand.

      • Google cbox if you need to Grateful. -Premium link generators if you don’t already know about cbox. Lots of ad closing though, just a heads up.

  7. Unfortunately this copy/source is very dull and dark just like the rest out there, and this is a remux source! I have no idea what the production company have done to this movie when they put it out onto bluray discs but they definitely stuffed the quality up big time. Looks like a shitty hdrip or a dark webdl. The best quality copy imo is the TiTAN copy. 100% better and more vibrant like a bluray should look. Not even going to download your 1080p if you post one, i dont blame you if u dont. How the hell can they call this bluray ffs!

    Anyways thanks mkvcage for your time spent on this movie but i would not bother with it anymore.

  8. I made this side by side screenshot comparison so everyone can see the difference between the TiTAN source and ALL other bluray sources available as of now (25/10/16). Please allow this comment mkvcage so you and other people can see the difference for themselves. Some people may not even notice any difference, but i can clearly see the difference. I really wish you used the TiTAN source 🙁

    Screenshots here – http://keepimg.com/image/b2Q

    • You’re the one who changed your mind and told him to use the REMUX source remember? Because you thought a bigger, 1080p source would make a better encode. See, I told you it doesn’t work that way. If he had used that 720p x264 TiTAN source, you wouldn’t be in this situation right now. And the TiTAN 1080p source is x265, which I don’t know if it’s a good idea to encode from. Like you said, x265 is very compressed. TiTAN most likely tweaked the video himself and made it brighter and more colorful. Some other groups tend to do that.

      You’re gonna have to live with it now dude. Just keep the TiTAN source you have if this is such an issue for you. It’s what I would do. And TiTAN only made it x264 for 720p. You’re gonna have to let go of your 1080p obsession on this one. I bet that 720p TiTAN BluRay looked good on your TV didn’t it.

      I think that’s how the production company released this movie. The TiTAN sources are custom made.

      • The TiTAN source is 3.55GB. Too rich for my blood. I guess I’ll have to live with this version with the knowledge that the colors are all dulled out. Funny, I don’t remember it looking that way in the movie theater…

        • Hey at least 3.55 GB fits perfectly on a FAT32 USB stick, for those who want to watch it on a TV. The bitrate on the TiTAN 720p BluRay is pretty high too. Almost 6000 kbps. High enough for a 720p BRRip encode. Trust me it would look good. But if you really want to have a smaller file that bad, you can always encode it yourself. It would take a lot of hours though, depending on your machine. I hate encoding. It takes too damn long for me.

          I couldn’t tell you how this looked in theaters. I didn’t go see it. But don’t they all look a bit different on projection than on Blu-ray?

          This is not the first time this has happened. Spectre (2015) did not looked that good either. All the sources were the same. They used such an ugly filter on that movie.

        • Yeah, I don’t have the right equipment nor the set-up to do any encoding. All we can do is appeal to the mercy of MAQ to do yet another re-rip… It’s a shame the colors look so washed out on that comparison screenshot. You can’t almost can’t unsee it.

      • Yeah titan is well known for enhancing video. The source he used is his own bdrip atleast, usually it’s other sources. The 720p titan did look good on my TV even for 720p and that’s the copy I’ll keep for now. I am currently downloading his 1080p – Sausage Party 2016 1080p BluRay x265 DTS TiTAN. I’m gonna do my own 1080p x264 encode at ~2900 video with ac3 384 6ch audio. I wanna see what an x265 to x264 encode looks like anyway. Hopefully it turns out good.
        Most movies I get are 720p encodes. I only like to get 1080p quality for good movies and animation movies. And I know I asked Maq to use the remux copy (even though he probably would of anyway!) but I just assumed that it being a remux source it would have been better quality, they usually are. Not sure if mkvcage will post anymore copies of this movie now. If they do post a 1080p bluray I’m curious to see what source they use. Probably never watch this movie again by the way lol. Its all about my kickass movie collection peeps! Ohh damn I was just starting to forget about kickass torrents too, mannnn I miss kickasssss 🙁 I’m going to go cry in the corner now. lol.

        Long live mkvcage!!!

        • That encoding process will take you forever. And the 720p BluRay copy that you have looks better than most 1080p encodes. You’re probably not gonna watch this movie again like you said. I don’t see why you need a 1080p copy so bad. Even if it’s for a collection. The moderators on kickass torrents used to piss me off. They were so strict on what you commented.

        • Same here, @Dirk. I had almost all my comments removed from KAT.

          I’m glad MAQ lets us run amok. 😉

        • Okay well whenever I do my own encode, if the remaining time says: Forever. I might settle for the 720p then. lol.

        • And yeah I agree the moderators on kickass torrents were way too strict, i think they probably all vote for trump.haha

  9. I don’t really see any harm in people commenting about quality or whatever. It adds a more social and personal touch that many other sites do not offer. When kickass was still around, i always checked the comments before downloading. I think the more people comment, the more and more people will be drawn to the mkvcage site. Thats a good thing for mkvcage as far as ad revenue etc. Obviously spam, or really foul language, or insults to people, or death threats, or satanic cult invites, or terrorist plots, ya know stuff like that lol, things like that should never be not allowed. I’m still not sure who moderates the mkvcage comments, its probably that robot thingy called Maq. lol.

    Well anyways that’s all the commenting for me today. I can only hope that when I wake up tomorrow and check the mkvcage website I will see a 1080p encode of that 1080p titan source, saves me attempting to do my own encode which wouldn’t be as good as a Maq encode anyway. This damn movie ffs lol.

    • Omg haha. Can anyone else spot the typo I made. I couldn’t of just had a simple little spelling error, ohh no, it had to be a sentence changer lol. Doh! Ahhh well. Bye all 🙂

      • Satanic cult invites? 😛
        “things like that should never be not allowed.”
        So they should be allowed? 😉

        MAQ, I want to see you do a 720p TiTAN to 720p MkvCage encode of Sausage Party. I’ll suck your dick if you do. Thanks.

        • bahahahah lmfao. funny shit grateful, keep at it he might do it eventually maybe.
          and yeah u spotted my typo hehe. supposed to say “should never be allowed”. oops.

  10. Hey Maq! Just to let you know mate the 1080p x265 titan copy is definitely the copy you need to use for this encode. the 5.2gb source looks better than the 18gb remux source because of the stupid washed out colours they fucked up when making the proper blurays. I just started my x264 encode using handbrake and i done a few previews with different settings and i can tell you right now it is really great quality as x264. the settings i ended up using are only medium setting (i might end up doing it at slow or placebo 2 pass setting if i am not 100% happy with the end result), video bitrate at 2900 just one pass not 2 pass, x264 level 4.1 high profile, audio from dts to ac3 384. The 1 minute preview i watched of the encode was fuknfantastic! if i do say so myself, it says around 4 hours remaining time left, which isn’t too bad really being x265 to x264. If i did 2 pass encoding on slow or placebo setting then yeah that would take over 8 hours i assume (i will do it if i have to though hehe). but after watching the preview i could not be happier with it even with the settings i used. its crystal clear, colours are really nice bright and vibrant, smooth video, great 6 channel ac3 audio, so yeah i am happy as fuk with it. still need to wait 4hrs to finish and see what the final size it ends up as but i am pretty sure the final size will be around 2 or 3gb, which is normal for a 1080p with 2900 video bitrate and 6 channel ac3 audio. it literally is my preferred quality for 1080p and animation movies.

    So if i were you Maq, i would just delete all the copies you have posted on here and on the torrent sites and just basically start over again using the 1080p x265 titan source. You wont regret i assure you, and heaps of other people out there will appreciate a better quality encode. NO ONE else has done an encode of the titan source, not even shaanig. they don’t realise the difference that’s why. i bet even if badassmedia or tomcat12 posts a copy eventually it will too have the washed out dull colour look. You will get heaps of seeders i reckon if you done a new encode using titan source. You really should consider doing it Maq, or at least download the titan 1080p and see for yourself. Its how bluray quality should look.

    Anyways, i will comment back later after my encode finishes to let people know the end result. 🙂

    You really should do a new encode Maq trust me –
    Sausage Party 2016 1080p BluRay x265 DTS TiTAN

    • There’s no stuttering or compression artifacts encoding backwards from x265 to x264? Maybe MAQ should play it safe and do 720p to 720p since that one is an x264 source. Either way, you should label it as “color corrected” version so people know what’s up.

      TheDude, if you get done with it and it’s an okay quality (not too big), you should try torrenting it yourself. Maybe you can make your own release group. 😉

      • Wow, TheDude is REALLY desperate for a 1080p copy of this movie. It’s like he didn’t listen to anything I said. It went through one ear and out the other. Here he is begging MAQ again. The problem is that he doesn’t want a 720p to 720p encode, Grateful. He wants a 1080p to 1080p encode badly. He should just do the encoding himself. He would be better off too. His encode would have more bitrate on video and audio than an encode from MkvCage.

  11. Well the encode took almost 5 hours to complete. The quality is perfect!! Video bitrate is around 2800 with ac3 384 audio. The size ended up only being 1.98gb total. Its a keeper for sure. But, I’m gonna do it all again and go all out. Alot of my animation movies are 3 or 4gb encodes (fat32 limit). So this time I’m gonna do the encode at around 4800 video bitrate with ac3 384. Then were talking that crispy 1080p quality aww yeah lol. Then its finally time to move the fuk on from this movie!

    -There was no problems at all encoding from x265 to x264. The source itself had over 6000 bitrate so I think that’s all that really matters when encoding x265. If an x265 source has DTS you can basically change it to whatever audio format u want. All in all I’m happy with the 2gb encode, I’ll be even happier when i finish the 4gb encode tomorrow.

    Maq should consider doing at least a 720p encode for all the mkvcage fans out there. Like you said Grateful, just label it as colour corrected or enhanced. I don’t think he will though because what it really comes down to i think is that the titan source is technically not the actual bluray quality, its enhanced by titan. Even though it looks 1000% better than the actual bdrip quality.

    Well that’s pretty much it for me commenting on this movie now. Hopefully mkvcage will post a new encode one day for y’all. Cheers 🙂

    • I think MAQ has abandoned us in our time of need. Not that I blame him; he’s done several encodes of this film already. But I needs me that semi-crispy 720p quality, baby! 😛

      This is like the Ghostbusters debacle all over again.

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