Sausage Party (2016) 720p BRRip 800MB

Storyline: A sausage strives to discover the truth about his existence.

Sausage Party (2016) on IMDb

Movie Title: Sausage Party (2016)
Director: A sausage strives to discover the truth about his existence.
Stars: Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, Jonah Hill
Release Date: 2 September 2016 (UK)
Genres: Animation, Adventure, Comedy 
Format: MatRoska (Mkv)
File Size: 800MB
Resolution: 1280x694
Runtime: 01:28:45
Language: English
Subtitles: English [Softcoded] - Muxed
Encoder: MkvCage (MC) Team
Source: 1080p.BluRay.x264-Replica

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  1. Cheers mkvcage.
    Gonna wait for 1080p – Sausage Party 2016 1080p BluRay x264-Replica


    • Oh wow!! i just noticed you actually already used that 1080p source for this 720p. Damn! that is probably the quickest download and re-encode i have ever seen. Maq i know your always really quick anyway, but that was just bloody ridiculously quick. lol omg! I’m sure the 1080p will not be long now. You must have an absolute beast of a computer setup, and ultra fast download speed. I am so frikkin jealous hehe. THANKS A TONNE MAQ I WOULD BE LOST WITHOUT YOU MATE. Best uploader of all time without question.

      • I guess i’d better ask just to be sure… Will you be posting a 1080p of this movie??
        -this is where an “Upcoming Posts” section comes in handy.

        • Yes,it will be posted soon and regarding “Upcoming Posts” We will see what we can do about that.

  2. I have a feeling is going to be funny night.
    Thanks for the laughs.
    LOL 🙂

      • Hang on that would make me mkvcage fan no 0. doesn’t make sense does it lol. WE ALL JUST F#%KING LOVE YOU MKVCAGE !!!

  3. Hey i just had a quick look at this 720p, does anyone else notice the video is quite dull. its not dark but it just looks dull to me, the colours don’t look really vibrant either for bluray. it will be the source’s fault not mkvcage. does anyone else out there notice this?

    • You can check it by using trailers. Find the same scene from film and trailer of the film, then check the colors. I sometimes do this if i hesitate.

    • … and i checked it myself… Yes, it looks quite dull for me too. You can check it too from the scene at the 0:21 of trailer (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VoNgLnjzVg) and the scene at the 9:37 of the film. But i don’t know it is normal or not. I downloaded the beginning from another source (720p BluRay x264-GECKOS) and the colors are same as MKVCage’s colors.

      • Yeah i did the same with geckos copy. they are all from same source i think, even the 1080p replica source has the same screenshots as the geckos source on 2ddl. Lets hope for a completely new source for this movie. give it a day or two and someone else will post a bluray source.

    • Last thing, if you change the saturation settings while you are watching, film looks amazing like in the trailer. I use VLC Media Player, i don’t know other players have or haven’t got that saturation setting.

      • yep thats exactly what i plan to do, except using my tv settings instead of vlc. i play through ps4 or direct usb in my tv.

    • I haven’t checked it for myself yet, but what I’ve started noticing about MkvCage’s 720p BR rips… It’s that it really doesn’t matter if they are encoded from 1080p BluRay sources or 720p sources. You would think that the quality would be better from 1080p sources, but it really doesn’t make a difference. 720p BluRay sources are just as good as the 1080p ones. Some movies look better than others. And it all has to do with the cameras and filters they used to make them. Other times it’s the source’s fault.

        • You’re wrong. I guess you didn’t really read what i wrote properly. I know more about this than you kid. For 720p BRRips, it doesn’t matter if the source is from a 720p BluRay or 1080p because the encode is still 720p. A 1080p source won’t improve the quality of the encode more than a 720p source because it still will be downgraded to 720p. The encode would have the same results from both sources. A 1080p source only matters more than a 720p source when it is a 1080p BRRip or WEB-DL/WEBRip. Do you get it now?

        • I’m sure even the guys from this site (MAQ, FZN, MCTV) know I’m right. That’s why they do 720p encodes from 720p BluRay sources all the time.

        • I compare it to music files.
          If you convert MP3 to MP3, you get a loss of quality.
          If you convert FLAC to MP3, you get less loss in quality because you’re converting it from the highest possible source.
          720p to 720p is okay, but 1080p to 720p is better. You can tell there’s more loss of quality the lower the original source is.
          It makes sense to my brain anyway.

        • Except that comparison doesn’t apply in this case, Grateful. 720p Blu-ray sources have a lot of bitrate. Bitrate is more important than image size. When you do a 720p encode from a 720p Blu-ray source, the encoding process doesn’t have to downgrade the image because it’s already the same size. It leaves it intact. The only thing that changes is the bitrate, since MkvCage lowers it. I can’t tell you how many 720p movies I have that have been encoded from 720p Blu-ray sources that look better than ones encoded from 1080p sources. It’s crazy. This is what got me thinking.

          Trust me I used to think the same way as you. I used to think that using 1080p sources for 720p encodes would improve the quality. But I’ve noticed that it remains the same as from 720p sources. I guarantee you that if MAQ were to encode this movie using the 720p Blu-ray source, you wouldn’t notice a difference in quality. For example, just check out – Casino Royale (2006) UNCUT 720p BRRip 1.3GB – That movie was encoded using a 720p source and the quality looks amazing. It surprised me when I found out it was from a 720p source.

        • Cool. Well, thanks for the info. To be honest, it all looks good to me, it’s more of a mental thing. I always associated 1080p source to 720p conversion as better. But I’ll leave it in the hands of the experts. 😉

        • No problem. And you’re absolutely right that it’s more of a mental thing. I still tend to gravitate more to releases encoded from 1080p sources because of that. I automatically think “Oh this copy would look better”. Like when ShAaNiG and MkvCage release the same movie at the same time, I would always choose the one with the 1080p source.

          Although I do think that 1080p WEB-DL/WEBRip/HDTV sources are better than for 720p encodes though. Because they don’t have as much bitrate and clarity as Blu-rays.

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